034Motorsport Driveshaft Support Center Bearing, B5 Audi A4/S4

034Motorsport Driveshaft Support Center Bearing, B5 Audi A4/S4

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New Driveshaft support for B6/B7 Audi A4 and C5 chassis Audi cars, this part is not available from the dealer, we manufacture them custom in house for this application.  Precision stamped steel and OEM bearing. 

Does NOT fit the Allroad or B6/B7 S4.

No core required.

Ideal for fixing issues commonly caused by a failing driveshaft support, including vibration at certain speeds and loud noises coming from the driveshaft tunnel.

Installation Tips: This job requires removal and disassembly of the driveshaft. The driveshaft disassembly is quite involved and tricky. Here are some pointers. It has a crimped shut boot you need to carefully pry open then hold back while releasing the hidden clip in the center joint (getting that clip out usually requires 2 people and patience which is the tricky part). Then once the 2 parts are separated you need to remove the locking c-clip on the bearing and then press it off. Assembly is reverse of disassembly.

  • From our friends at JHM

Note: Late model B6 Audi A4 owners with VIN 8E-4-030693 or Newer will need our Late B6 Audi A4 Driveshaft Center Support Bearing.