Nemesis was started in 2006 but was officially re-launched with a dedicated mission and goals in 2011.

     The idea was to offer a buying service for clients through forums and the community, versus an eCommerce store. Because we were offering larger valued items such as exhaust systems and wheels, we realized that there was a large amount of interaction that was happening and the likelihood of a customer spending $2K plus on an item without talking to someone didn’t make sense. We had an online store built and loaded, but ultimately decided never to launch it as there were already a number of established ones already in the market space.

Since then we have built our business around providing competitive pricing and quality products, but most importantly, outstanding customer service and communication. Our small team is connected to the community and customers almost 24/7, and we like every transaction to exceed your expectations.

The Nemesis Name

I chose to name the company Nemesis for a reason. I started modding cars in the early 2000’s in the Japanese import scene which was at a peak and was highly competitive. The NOPI and Hot Import Nights events literally had incredible builds that were meticulous and had so much passion was poured into them. There was this specific Honda Civic Hatch that I totally looked up to it as a benchmark of what my build should be, and I wanted people to appreciate my car the way I appreciated his.

It would eventually become my “Nemesis” as I completed my car and hit the show circuit, because I was always trying to stay a step ahead and do something progressive and new.

If it wasn’t for that one car, I probably wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard as I did to create something truly special.


So Nemesis was the name chosen to embark on our mission to help our customers create their builds, and to be the best resource possible for anyone’s project goals whether it’s a mild daily, show car, or track car. Being a part of the Nemesis family means that you embrace the grind that must go into your passion and build, and that you are driven by the need to be the absolute best at what you do.