034Motorsport Driveshaft Support Center Bearing, Late B6 Audi A4

034Motorsport Driveshaft Support Center Bearing, Late B6 Audi A4

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We're pleased to offer this new driveshaft support for late B6 Audi A4 chassis (VIN 8E-4-030693 and newer). This part is not available from the dealer, and is manufactured in-house specifically for this application.  Each new driveshaft support features a precision stamped steel hanger and OEM bearing. 

No core required!

Ideal for fixing issues commonly caused by a failing driveshaft support, including vibration at certain speeds and loud noises coming from the driveshaft tunnel.


  • 2003 - 2005 Audi A4 (B6)
    • Fits vehicles from VIN 8E-4-030693 and newer.

Note: The Late B6 A4 Driveshaft Support will fit cars with a PR code of "GOQ." PR codes denote factory installed options for your vehicle, and can be found on a sticker in the spare tire well of the trunk or pasted into the vehicle's owner's manual.

If you're VIN is older than 8E-4-030693, see our Early B6 Driveshaft Support Center Bearing.

Installation Tips: This job requires removal and disassembly of the driveshaft. The driveshaft disassembly is quite involved and tricky. Here are some pointers. It has a crimped shut boot you need to carefully pry open then hold back while releasing the hidden clip in the center joint (getting that clip out usually requires 2 people and patience which is the tricky part). Then once the 2 parts are separated you need to remove the locking c-clip on the bearing and then press it off. Assembly is reverse of disassembly.