Nemesis BBS CH-R Rim Guard Test

We often get a lot of clients who want the infamous BBS "Rim Guards" that come on their CH-R wheel removed. The concept behind these is to protect the wheel itself from curb rash and offer a changeable guard that is easily replaceable.
Mops recently picked up these CH-R's and decided to try and have the guards painted at a body shop. Since they were stainless steel, the guards were easily scuffed and prepared for paint. They were then sprayed with Audi "Brilliant Black" paint while still installed on the wheels themselves, and the result exceeded our expectations!
So instead of worrying about that stainless steel lip throwing our your desired look, now you can explore the option of keeping the guards on for protection, and keeping them stealthily hidden :) can paint them neon green or some other crazy color!

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